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AROMATIC MEDICINE International Courses
– Integrated Advanced Essential Oil Therapeutics for Common Clinical Conditions

8-day in-class International Advanced Diploma Course with Mark Webb BSc, MASCC (Australia)

The course is jointly hosted by the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (ITHMA), London and the Heal Center, Atlanta, and the Advanced Diploma is a jointly-issued international qualification.

Since its advent as a modern therapeutic intervention – originated a century ago by René-Maurice Gattefossé – aromatherapy has evolved to embrace several overlapping approaches to the remedial use of essential oils. Each approach developed within a specific cultural context and stressed different methods of essential oil application.

In France, an emphasis on the oral and rectal use of essential oils established aromatherapy as a form of médecines douces (natural medicine), the practice of which was pioneered by Dr Jean Valnet; while in Britain, the traditional use of volatile extracts by herbalists re-emerged in the form of their predominantly dermal and respiratory use by students of Austrian-born nurse Marguerite Maury, paving the way for holistic aromatherapy.

These approaches have interwoven and spread beyond France and Britain to the extent that it is perhaps no longer so relevant to speak of a ‘French School’ or ‘British School’ as such — not least because different styles of essential oil practice are distinguished today by the various contexts in which they are carried out: in the natural health centre, herbal practice, pharmacy, hospital, hospice, health & beauty clinic, and spa — with each setting emphasizing methods of application appropriate for that context.

AROMATIC MEDICINE: Integrated Advanced Essential Oil Therapeutics for Common Clinical Conditions offers those working in any of these different contexts the chance to extend and develop their essential oil formulating skills through a course delivered by one of the world’s leading experts in aromatic medicine: biochemist, plant biologist and aromatherapy author Mark Webb. Through this groundbreaking Advanced Diploma Course, Mark instructs participants in an integrated 21st century model of clinical aromatherapy — a model in which the full range of essential oil dose forms and application methods are presented according to an escalating structure from low dose up to and including higher concentration topical and internal dose forms.

Addressing the chemistry and pharmacology of essential oils in terms of their holistic and cosmetic as well as advanced clinical applications, Mark provides participants with the tools to both expand and deepen their professional practice — to make it both scientifically more precise and clinically broader and more integrated.


Module I (Days 1 & 2): Aromatic Chemistry, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Module II (Days 3 & 4): Internal and External Dose Forms – Galenic Preparations and Cosmoceutical Formulation

Module III (Days 5 & 6): Aromatic Toolkit – Essential Oils and Expressed Oils, CO2 Extracts, Absolutes and Hydrosols

Module IV (Days 7 & 8): Aromatic Medicine for Common Clinical Conditions

Atlanta Course – FULL PROGRAM & Registration details: MODULES I – IV
London Course – FULL PROGRAM & Registration details: MODULES I – IV