“Australian aromatherapy, for many people, begins and ends with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, Bush Sense shows how much more there is to appreciate from this extensive natural world. Beautiful photos and straight forward, informative text describing a wide range of Australian oils will make this book a library necessity for all aromatherapy lovers.”

Suzanne Catty – Author of Hydrosols the Next Aromatherapy Principal of Acqua Vita, Toronto, Canada

 …’Bush Sense’, single-handedly establishes an authentic basis for an indigenous ‘Australian Aromatherapy’. While Australian practitioners clearly work with aromatic materials from the world over, Mark has shown in a thorough and systematic way that some of the most dynamic and therapeutically useful essential oils are produced on home territory…

…What makes the book such as success, however, is not just the natural products that it describes, but the authority and thoroughness with which the author does this. Each essential oil is outlined with both scientific diligence and a genuine passion for the subject, and is supported by photographs that, together with the aromas of the oils themselves, transport the reader to the heart or the Outback. ‘Bush Sense’ is, to my mind, ‘required (and enjoyable!) reading’ for all those with a serious interest in essential oils.

Gabriel Mojay MRQA,MBAcC,MRSS – Author of Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit
Principal: The International Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy. Essex, England

“This colourful and attractive book by Mark Webb is ground breaking in that it blends aromatherapy of Australian plants with a western style of medicial herbalism. In doing so Mark virtually creates a new Materia Medica of Australian aromatic species.”

Andrew Pengelly ND DBM DH BA – Author of The Constituents of Medicinal Plants
Chief Editor & Founder Wild Herb Bulletin, Hunter Valley, Australia

“Bush Sense is one of those rare aromatherapy books that combines personal, clinical experience with scientific fact. A fascinating read, well-thought out and full of the unusual. Highly recommended.”

Jane Buckle PhD RN – Founding Director R J Buckle Associates LLC

“I’ve been reading through your book, and I’ve really enjoyed the information. Your inclusion of esoteric/spiritual aspects was a wonderful addition. I think that in an attempt to make all phytotherapy and aromatherapy ‘rational’ these important observations are neglected, but are just as valid.”

Nigel Gericke, MD, Herbalist – Co-author of Medicinal Plants of South Africa Cape Town, South Africa.

“I found your book very easy to understand, it is very well laid out and goes into sufficient depth on chemistry etc. to be useful to the practitioner.”

Iris Mathers – Aromatherapist, Scotland.

“…This is by no means a comprehensive, all the answers provided book, but is definitely a must for all Aussie aromatherapists. This book provides the opportunity to be educated about the wonderful resources of our own land and invites our participation into the blossoming industry of unique Australian essential oils…”

Sue Cook MIFA – Secretary, IFA (Aust.),Melbourne, Australia

“…I thoroughly enjoyed it and, speaking as a pom, I appreciated the maps showing the distribution of each of the species discussed… This book is a good read and it is informative as well.”

Ian Smith MISPA – Editor of The Aromatherapist, England